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Full information about using the AV equipment in the Sackler Lecture Theatre can be found at

Talks Organisers

Wednesday Seminar's

Matt Auger -
Bethan James -

Thursday Colloquia

Andy Fabian  -
Simon Hodgkin -

Secretarial Support: Judith Moss -

Friday Galaxies Discussion Group

Martin Haehnelt -
Sergey Koposov -

Talks advertising with

The IOA uses the University  Web based Talks list management system. is used to feed both the Digital Display screens and the Website Talks page.

Any individual can subscribe to a series and can receive email reminders about talks. One can also add Talk series to calendars like Google calendar, iCal and on mobile devices. See the series page for subscription information. 

Talks organisers will need to register for the system and be added as managers for the the relevant Talk series. To be added as a Talk series managers either ask one of existing managers for that series or contact the IoA helpdesk. The managers of each list are listed on the relevant webpage.

Please edit the Your Details page for your account so that it displays your real name rather than your CRSid.

Important: A Talks list can include talks from other lists. e.g. the Sackler and Eddington talk series are separate lists that feed into the IoA Thursday Colloquim. Below is a list of Talk series in use (subject to change but correct in Oct 2013): allows a series to include other series. We use this facility for the Sackler and Eddington Series. Care should be taken with this capability to ensure that Talks do not appear twice. i.e. a talk should only be add to the feeder list. e.g. the Sackler, Eddington and Joint IoA and Cavendish Astronophysics Colloquia feed into the IoA Thursday Colloquia.

There is a list of lists series that contains all IOA talks called IOA Talks. IOA Talks is a list that only contains other lists to give a list of IoA Talks by combining the above lists.

Extra Talks is also a separate series of ad Hoc extra talks which is part of IOA Talks which can be used for for extra Talks that are not part of an existing talk series.

Thursday Colloquia

Thursday Colloquia organisers are requested to contact the IOA Director before scheduling Colloquia to determine which dates are being used for the Sackler and Eddington lectures. 

The feed for the IoA Thursday Colloquim series uses the to feed a list from another list. In this case the IoA Colloquim talks list is fed by the following lists:

Sackler and Eddington Lecture Series

These are endowed lectures that are normally scheduled to coincide with Thursday colloquia. They have separate lists that feed into the Thursday Colloquia talks list: See:

These separate list feeds allow the lecture series to be advertised independent of the IOA colloquia within so that they can be advertised to a wider audience. The information for a lecture needs to be onlt input in one place. e.g. only add the Sackler Lectures into the Sackler list page and not directly into the IoA Colloquim page.

Managing feeder lists

The list of lists included in a Talks list can be seen via the Further Details link. e.g. for the IoA Colloquia series see:

The list feed is managed from the feeder list via the Add/Remove from your list(s) link on  the feeder list: e.g for the IoA Colloquia talks series see:

Forcing a refresh of the Talks page on the Website

The IoA Thursday colloquia and Wednesday seminar 'headline block' only shows the next 2 weeks of talks.

If the Website information does not show recent updates to the feed you can force an update by typing: into your browser address bar. This will produce a blank page when the website has been updated.

Talks Archive

The IoA has an archive of all previous Seminar's and Colloquia. This can be accessed at

If you are giving a talk at the IoA, please provide a copy of your presentation to the talks organisers so it can be added to the archive.

Reclaiming Expenses

Please see the attached pdf for the IoA policy on reclaiming expenses related to seminars and colloquia.

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