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School of the Physical Sciences Staff Survey

Published on 15/10/2014 at 05:48

The School of the Physical Sciences Staff Survey

10 November - 1 December 2014

The School will be conducting a staff survey during Michaelmas Term 2014.

The staff survey provides all employees working in the Departments/Institutions of the School of the Physical Sciences with the opportunity to say what YOU think about a range of workplace topics.

All responses are anonymous.

Observations made here in 1894-5

Published on 25/11/2014 at 16:12 – Library News

We have recently added to the University of Cambridge digital repository some scans of notes made here at the Cambridge Observatory over one hundred years ago.

The fragile notes were made by Hugh Frank Newall (1857-1944) as he used his fathers great 25-inch Cooke refractor on a variety of astronomical targets.  At least one of the pages is the manuscript for his report to the Observatory Syndicate in 1895.  Another is a study of the number of clear observing nights for 1895.

New University VPN available to Mac users now

Published on 25/11/2014 at 16:11 – Computing News

The new University VPN is now available for Mac OSX and iOS. See our Intranet page for more information before installing using the University Information Services instructions. Users of other systems will need to wait a little longer before this service is publicly available for their platform.

Tue 25 Nov 2014: Intermittent slowness on home areas resolved

Published on 25/11/2014 at 18:47 – Computing News

The intermittent slowness with some home areas has now been resolved. If you have any further issues, please contact helpdesk.

Thursday 27 November 2014
Institute of Astronomy Seminars logo
Mike Irwin (IoA)
Surveying the M31 system
Time: 16:30-17:30  [details]
Friday 28 November 2014
Institute of Astronomy Seminars logo
Florent Renaud (U Surrey)
Connecting star formation to galactic dynamics
Time: 11:30-12:30  [details]
Monday 01 December 2014
Institute of Astronomy Seminars logo
Danilo Marchesini, TUFTS
New Insights into the Formation and Evolution of Today's Most Massive Galaxies
Time: 13:15-14:00  [details]
Wednesday 03 December 2014
Institute of Astronomy Seminars logo
Attila Juhasz (Leiden -> IoA)
Observability of planet-induced spirals in protoplanetary discs in scattered light
Time: 13:15-13:45  [details]
Institute of Astronomy Seminars logo
Michele Ide-Smith
Open Access and your research publications
Time: 13:45-14:15  [details]

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